you are here, this in survival map hope you like this there's a list down below shows what is in the map it s fully made in survival and no cheats advancements are also on.

▪ New underwater apartment block linked to main base through portal chamber.
▪ Interior of main house redesigned.
▪ Updated design for portal chamber.
▪ New crop added (sweet berries) will hurt you if you walk into them.
▪ Enchanted tools on display in crafting and storage chamber.
▪ New (completely rebuilt) Nether base now resembles overworld portal chamber.
▪ New crafting and storage area in nether base.
▪ Second bastion remnant linked to nether base via cobblestone path and 400 block long tunnel.
▪ Access created to BOTH bastion Remnants and extensive renovations carried out to make them easily explorable. All loot chests remain unopened.
▪ Respawn anchor created and placed inside nether base. Just touch it to set your respawn point.
▪ pathways to all nether features improved for easier travel.

Versión recomendada:
1.16 Oficial + en adelante.





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