Pixelated Guns (Addon)

Pixelated Guns is a new way to have fun with you and your friends fight mobs with guns. Have you ever thought of beating minecraft using guns how cool is that!? Defeat Wither Ender Dragon Goto End & Nether without any fear i hope you enjoy it. Imagine Doing 1v1 with your friends playing it like a battle royal game and other stuff how cool is that we are really working hard on this project i hope so you all like it make sure to give us your feed back.

After downloading the addon goto your world and active any of one packs like if you activate Resource Pack the Behaviour Pack will be automatically activated. After entering your world you can type (/function get_all) to get everything or you can type (/function get_all_guns) to get all guns. I have added some enemie mobs also you can get them in mob inventory and for other items just type (/give @p gun:  ) and it will show you all items.

Whats New?
-Added a new pistol (Glock)
-Added a new mob (Gun Trader)
-Added (Blue Prints)
-ReTextured Ammos Empty Pistols and Empty Shotguns
-Remodelled Enemy Agent A
-Added Zoom Effect to Bolt Action Sniper
-Changed Weapon Sounds
-Improved Sound Quality for Weapons
-Buffed - Win54 & Deagle
-Buffed - Enemy & Wizard & Agent A
-Buffed - Energy Drink
-Nerfed - Ghost
-Addon Now Supports Mcpe Latest Version
-Enemy Will Now Drop Ak47
-Added new functions
-Fixed Win54 Bugs
-Fixed Deagle Bugs
-Other Bugs Fixed
-Increased Enemy Health
-Increased Agent A Health

Whats New?
1.Added a new Bolt Action Sniper (Mini 14)
2.Added a new Boss Mob (Boss Rascal)
3.Added Knife
4.Added a new Ammo Reload System
5.Added Grenade
6.Added a New Function (/function get_all_ammo)
7.Added new Title Screen
8.Added Loot Box
9.Added A New UI
10.Re Textured shotgun ammo
11.Decreased Deagle Fire Rate
12.Decreased Glock Fire Rate
13.Decreased Ak47 Fire Rate And Damage
14.Increased Scar L Damage
15.Decreased Ak47 Fire Rate And Damage
16.Bandages Regeneration time has been decreased from 10 to 5 sec
17.Removed all Weapons Knockback
18.Removed Extra Weapon Smoke Particles
19.Temporary removed all guns and ammo crafting recipes
20.Changed Trader Trade Cycle

Whats New?
(New Stuffs)
1. Added Crafting Recipes For Guns
2. Added Shoot Sound For Enemy / Agent A / Boss Rasca
3. Added Gun Reload Sounds
4. Reduced Addon Size
5. Added a new Mob Rift Walker
6. Changed Agent A and Enemy Behaviour
7. Added new smoke particles to S186

(Balance Changes)
1. Mini 14 Fire Rate has been Increased
2. Agent A speed has been decreased
3. Enemy Speed has been decreased
5. Increased Grenade Damage And Length

(Bug Fixes)
1. Fixed a bug where Boss Rascal can shoot from very far
2. Fixed a bug when grenade hit a mob or player but didn't explode

(Zombie Stuffs)
1. Added GEEK Zombie
2. Added LURKER Zombie
3. Added Zombified Enemy Agent A And Rascal
4. Added Zombie Virus
5. Added Anti Dote
6. Added Jorge Mob
7. You can turn into a zombie
8. You can trun back to human

(Normal Stuffs)
1. Added 3 New Guns - Judge and M16a4 and Revolver
2. Added 1 New Meds - Pain Killer
3. Rework the trader and changed trader texture
4. Added Crosshair to guns
5. New introduction function
6. Reworked all guns now they will not fall like eggs or snowball
7. Bullets can now break glass
8. Added Gravity Grenade
9. Added new melee Axe
10. Added new Loot Box for Boss
11. Changed Rascal Behaviour

1. Decreased Shotgun Ammo From 20 to 15
2. Decreased Rift Walker Teleport Range From 32 blocks to 15
3. Increased Rift Walker Teleport Cooldown from 2.5 to 3
4. Bullets will now despawn after   20 sec

1. Fixed a bug where agent a was not dropping GHOST
2. Fixed a bug where trader was spawning at night
3. Fixed a bug where guns cool down was showing whitelines
4. Fixed a lot Boss Rascal Bugs

Versión recomendada:
1.16.0 Oficial + en adelante.


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