The use license comes into effect from the moment you download, use or share any content from TEAM CUBITOS MC. We make this document available to you in a public manner and inform you that we can make changes at any time without any notification, only by publishing the changes in this document hosted on our official website.

1. Property rights.
Between you and TEAM CUBITOS MC, TEAM CUBITOS MC is the sole and exclusive owner of all the content that you download, use or share, which bears our name, brand or logo (including for example, audio, photographs, illustrations, graphics, other visual media, videos, copies, texts, software, titles, codes, data, etc.).

2. Prohibited use.
Any distribution, publication or commercial or promotional exploitation of our content on web pages, applications or other platforms is strictly prohibited, unless you have received the prior express written permission of an administrator of TEAM CUBITOS MC. You further agree not to alter, edit, delete, remove, withdraw credits, change the meaning or appearance of our content, codes, data or materials.

3. Personal use.
You can edit any content of TEAM CUBITOS MC if it is for personal use, but you must keep our credits. If you add our content as a complement to any of your projects, please credit us and if you put download links, leave only the original link of the content post.

4. Share on YouTube or other entertainment platforms.
In the event that you share our content through YouTube or any other entertainment platform, you must credit the creator and if you put download links, you must use the link of the original post of the content as the only download link and it will be prohibited to use direct download links or place your own shorteners.

5. Sanction:
If our team finds content of our authorship on other platforms without authorization and that violates the terms of the license of use, we will proceed to legally report them on the corresponding platform, since it is considered a fraudulent act, in addition to the fact that you must pay a fee. compensation for losses and illegal distribution of our content (All this will proceed in case of not reaching an agreement).

6. Copyright.
We respect the intellectual property rights of others and require that people who use our content do the same. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please let us know by sending a message to our email:

7. Ads and Shorteners.
Our content is free and anyone can download it. Most of our content, when you download it, you will find shorteners and advertising, this in order to collect and obtain a monetary reward for our work. We hope you understand this and support us as it only takes a few seconds to skip the hype.

8. Permissions.
These are the exclusive platforms that are authorized to publish our content (Click here). If you are interested in publishing our content on your website or app and want to have permission from Cubitos MC, you can directly contact the Owner or Manager of Cubitos MC by email or via Twitter.

Owner: Andi Gaspar
Twitter: @AndiuberOficial

Manager: Diego Joel
Twitter: @DiegoLiveYT

No other person other than the Owner or Manager mentioned above can grant permissions regarding the content of Team Cubitos MC.